Workshops & Consulting


Hannah offers four virtual workshops. Each session runs for one hour and costs $50.

How to write a novel: Learn how to spark viable ideas, make high-level decisions about structure, and execute plot, character, dialogue, setting, and more.

How to edit a novel: Learn strategies for doing developmental edits and line edits, plus how to organize and optimize your editing process.

How to get published: If you’re interested in being traditionally published, you’ll need an agent. Learn what an agent does, how to find agents who may be a good fit for you, how to write a query letter, when to start the querying process, and more.

How to build  a creative writing practice: Learn practical tips and tricks for fostering interesting ideas, channeling your creativity, building inspiration into your daily routine, and finding a community of creative people.

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She also offers one-on-one phone consultations about writing and publishing. In addition to discussing your projects and writing career, discussion topics can include:

Craft: Structure, plot, character development, dialogue, setting, and more.

The publishing process: Finding an agent, what to know before signing with an agent, working with an editor, what to expect from the industry, and more.

Your relationship to writing: Developing a consistent writing practice, increasing productivity, sparking creativity, overcoming self-doubt, and more.

Strategies for authors: Getting blurbs, engaging your audience on social media, pitching yourself to publications and podcasts, planning events, and more.

Cost: $100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 60 minutes

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“Hannah is my North Star when it comes to all things writing and publishing. No matter the genre you’re interested in, Hannah can provide tips and best practices for sharpening your plot, developing your characters, and ultimately taking your manuscript out into the (sometimes terrifying) world of publishing. From drafting query letters to promoting your book (and yourself!), you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone lovelier or more willing to share their expertise with aspiring writers.” — Genevieve Wheeler, author of Adelaide

“Hannah was so instrumental to my publishing process. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and was so generous in sharing her own experience with me, and had such thoughtful insight on the industry at large. If you feel lost and don’t know where to start, start here!” — Becca Freeman, author of The Christmas Orphans Club

“Hannah’s guidance on next steps after writing a book was invaluable. She covered everything from how to write a query letter, to finding agents that are a good fit for your story, to how to handle The Call when you get an offer of representation. When I attended her class over a year ago, I knew very little about the publishing industry from the writer’s perspective, but her advice gave me the confidence and encouragement to start the querying process and now I have an agent and am on submission with my debut (fingers crossed) novel!” — Annie McQuaid, workshop student

“I took Hannah’s workshop on how to find an agent a few years ago, as I was putting the finishing touches on my proposal. Her guidance was so helpful in navigating the agent process. I knew which questions to ask, how to ensure the agent was the right fit, and ultimately ended up getting representation from an agent who helped me strengthen my proposal and chart a way forward. The path to publishing is such a challenge. Truly. And Hannah has been a constant voice of knowledge and compassion with me through my journey.” — Ambika Gautam Pai, workshop student